A world begins with connection. When we calm down and connect to our senses, the energy of creativity will arise and will lead to joy and gratitude. We encourage you to create this energy and bring it into the world. The things we long for will return and become our new connected reality. Following up last year's theme of 'Home & Window', where the focus was on a life in a limited world, we will this year open up and challenge you to think about returning to your surroundings, coming back together, discovering and building new experiences. Moving on from a strange pandemic to a life that will never be the same but will go forward reflecting experiences from the past and reconnecting them with a changed world. The theme of IYDA 2022 is 'Re; Connect'

Participating universities

  • Tainan University of Technology, Taiwan
  • Musashino Art University, Japan
  • Joshibi University of Art and Design, Japan
  • National Academy of Drama and Cinematic Arts, Bulgaria
  • Hansung University, Korea